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Our cinematic video tours bring motion and direct the attention of the viewers into the selling points of the property. 


Service Highlights:

  • Cinematic Quality: shot with professional equipment to showcase the expansive views and selling points of each space, our videos cover interiors and exteriors, incorporate music and special effects.

  • Tailored for You: Our videos range from 1 to 3 minutes, adapting to the size of the property and your specific requirements. We have several video styles to offer, just let us know what you need.

  • Expert Editing and Post-Production: Upon your request, we can include your logo and contact info, property address, location pins etc. 

  • Elevated Marketing: We offer multiples add-ons and can record you presenting the property yourself, add drones, twilight clips, show the surrounding area of the house, create vertical format video for social media and more.


Benefits for You:

  • Make a lasting impression on buyers who can explore the highlights of the property from their homes, gaining an understanding of its features and flow.

  • Our videos attract a wider audience, potentially leading to quicker sales, and reflect your top-notch quality and a modern approach to real estate marketing.


Tips for Optimal Results:

  • Clarify your goals for the video, let us know if there are specific areas of the house you want to emphasize or avoid showing.

  • Check out our guide on How to Prepare for a Real Estate Photography Session, you can also download it or share with your client to ensure smooth experience and best results.

  • Share your vision. Let us know your preferred video length, standard horizontal format or vertical reel for social media, slower and elegant style or faster and dynamic. 


Pricing and Turnaround Time:

Starting at $180 for properties under 2000 sq ft, our pricing is based on square footage. Turnaround time is within 36 hours after the appointment.  


Click START to book your appointment today and elevate your marketing with our captivating real estate video tours.

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